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Seasonal Markers: Autumn

Some people get out their heavy sweaters and rake leaves, others switch over to spiced pumpkin lattes and a never-ending schedule of football. Us? We drive roughly 300 miles to Yakima, just over the Cascade Range, to gather Osage oranges and restock our supply of apple-wood chips, a critical element in the success of my […]

Exquisite Timing

Work put me in the Bay Area last week where I had the pleasure of connecting with someone who contributed a piece to the recent issue of the magazine. These digital acquaintences—I like to joke that all my friends are only 150 x 150 pixels big—make up the large part of my daily contact with […]

Handmade Garden Projects by Lorene Edwards Forkner

I’m a handmade gardening gal…

…part eco-friendly, non-traditionalist; part crafty creative with more ideas than money, and an abiding aversion to off-the-shelf shopping. My garden is my canvas, my vision, and my voice. A place where I am free of all rules, except those of Nature herself. It’s where I make my unique mark on the world. Follow the link […]

Flora Grubb truck

Dusting off the musty side of Horticulture

Long considered “one of the  slowest of the performing arts,” HORTICULTURE is a living, breathing, ever-adapting, reflection of the world and our human role within it.  Whether you’re (ahem) a venerable gardener, or a rank beginner, passionate about African violets, or garden-infused cocktails, the garden has many gifts to offer. Funny story: Part 1 – […]

san francisco flower & garden show logo

Planes, trains, and…

Travel days can be a challenge – but practice makes perfect. Or maybe it just wears you down and adjusts your expectations.  I’m off to San Francisco this afternoon where I’ll take BART, then Caltrain, and maybe a cab to my hotel. Tomorrow I’ll find my way to the San Mateo Event Center where I’m […]

Home again…

What a beautiful weekend; blue skies and warm weather (for February… but really, 60 F is warm for April where I come from!!!) My quick drive down and back to Hillsboro, OR was a delight.  And I knew I was with “my people” when upon arriving at Junk Salvation on Friday afternoon I was greeted […]

Junk Salvation vintage show

My first road trip of 2012!!!

I do love me a road trip! iPhone loaded with fresh Podcasts, a tank full of gas, coffee-d up and pointed towards Portland, this Friday I’m headed to Junk Salvation taking place February 3-4th at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro, Oregon. This unique gathering – produced by the Funky Junk Sisters – is chock full of vendors […]

Seeing Trees

This is a post with a point and an opportunity for you to win a copy of the book entitled Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees, by Nancy Ross Hugo & Robert Llewellyn, Timber Press 2011.  But I’m all about the story and rarely do I  take a direct path when I could […]


Silence is golden…

…but I miss my home. Today is my last day on the farm.  It’s time to gather up the tailings of my encampment, load up the car and head back to reality.  Sometimes hectic and subject to constant interruption, my typical life is not nearly so productive.  On the other hand, I can’t think of […]