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Book signing table at Ravenna Gardens in January 2013.

Books!!! Sale!!!

I love and adore books. Almost all books. Pretty books with lots of gorgeous aspirational photography —somehow I always believe that could be my ________ fill-in-the-blank: garden, kitchen, cabin in the woods, laundry room shelves.

Lighting the Night…

…And saving a ton of money on an electrician. I’m afraid our household budget for home repairs is strictly focused on the backyard. We think nothing of purchasing load after load of gravel, topsoil, timber, and sexy new agricultural troughs. But when the motion-triggered light that illuminates the front walkway went out – too darn […]


Come on out to the Center for Urban Horticulture on April 10th when I’ll be speaking to the Northwest Horticultural Society. We’ll talk about what you can plant (today – tomorrow – and next month- and the month after that – and the one after that… you get the idea!) for delicious, homegrown abundance throughout the entire year.

Update: Free Class!

This just in—my class, Plotting the Edible Garden Year at Ravenna Gardens on Sunday March 17th is FREE!  Previously, I posted that there was a fee associated with attending… that’s soooo not so!  Keep up Lorene!! Space is limited , call 206-729-7388 to sign up.  See you there! online viagra prescriptions

Time in a Bottle

Last May – about the time of my last post(?!!?) – I had a lovely visit with good friends in Eastern Washington. Suzanne and Scotty are the purveyors of Living In The Garden, an idyllic nursery nestled among rolling wheat fields in the Palouse.  Passionate artists and plants people alike, we connect; I can’t believe […]

Erysimum 'Constant Cheer'

Hands-free gardening

Time is flying! Weeks pass in a blur and the Charles Bukowski line “the days run away like wild horses…” is CONSTANTLY running on a loop in my head. My days are filled in collaborative and creative effort – something I’ve longed for – but alas, the work is indoors and mostly via computer and […]