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Exquisite Timing

Work put me in the Bay Area last week where I had the pleasure of connecting with someone who contributed a piece to the recent issue of the magazine. These digital acquaintences—I like to joke that all my friends are only 150 x 150 pixels big—make up the large part of my daily contact with […]

True Confessions of a garden expert

… I’ve killed more plants than you have. Really!  As I write this my garden is encased in snow and ice.  Unfortunately, so are the many succulents and the world’s most-beleaguered lemon tree.  Not a day has gone by in the past 2 months that I haven’t told myself to move said plants indoors.  Alas. The […]

Cornerstone Gardens

Outside the box thinking

Giant dead tree in the middle of your proposed garden site?  No problem!  At least not if you’re Claude Cormier. New life was given to a diseased tree slated for removal by decking its branches with 75,000 retrofitted sky-blue Christmas balls. The landscape equivalent of a Photoshop eraser saturated this natural tree with the artificial […]

Balboa Park

I had a SUPER sunday

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get away from gray February skies and rain for a quick trip to sunny and warm San Diego.  I am a board member of the Pacific Horticulture Society, an unique, non-profit organization which hosts a variety of events, lectures and educational opportunities including regional symposia and travel […]

Northwest Flower & Garden Show logo

Have your garden and eat it too!

It’s Groundhog’s Day 2011 and Punxsutawny Phil has forecast an early Spring!  Tell that to the unfortunate 100 million (!!!) folks suffering the impact of one of our country’s largest winter storms…EVER!  I find weather endlessly fascinating and a never-ending source of amusement.  Think of the implication of it’s absence? …weather that is. Of course […]

vintage gnome

Road Show

Garden show season commences this week (yippee!!!) with the Tacoma Home & Garden Show running January 36-30, 2011 at the Tacoma Dome. You can catch my talk “the Kitchen Garden & the Gardening Kitchen” on Wednesday (1/26) at 4 pm; Saturday (1/29) at noon or Sunday (1/30) at noon, in the Green Theater. You’ll come […]

Getting through winter

How am I supposed to concentrate on prepping for Christmas – secret shopping, candy-making, light stringing, bulb forcing and decking those cursed halls – when I keep remembering that the Northwest Flower & Garden Show is right around the corner!!?!  OK, so it’s not exactly riiiiight around the corner – this year’s show runs February […]