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Come on out to the Center for Urban Horticulture on April 10th when I’ll be speaking to the Northwest Horticultural Society. We’ll talk about what you can plant (today – tomorrow – and next month- and the month after that – and the one after that… you get the idea!) for delicious, homegrown abundance throughout the entire year.

vanilla pepper simple syrup

Seattle Sunshine with a little heat

Howling wind, rain, hail, snow… lather, rinse, repeat. After a relatively benign winter, March is cruel.  Mild temperatures tease us into thinking spring is here only to be followed by nasty days like today where the thought of stepping foot outdoors sends me diving for my ratty old red hoody and blankets.  The cat hasn’t […]



Happy Thanksgiving all! These handsome birds are (permanent) residents of Old Goat Farm where they lead a very good and pampered life.  Although if memory serves me correctly, their names are Thanksgiving and Christmas… a third – Easter – is not in this picture.  Rest assured they will live long and prosper under the care […]


Catching up

…a little. Thank goodness I’m not one of those highly organized, incredibly inspired, prolific bloggers with a tight agenda for every day of the week/month/year.  You know the type: if-it’s-Wednesday-it-must-be-wordless, or wooden, or whatever!  Actually – I would love, love, love to be one of those bloggers.  But I’ve come to realize it’s probably just […]

chilled tomato soup

Thank goodness for Ellensburg

More specifically, thank goodness Kittitas Valley Greenhouse chose the heat of Ellensburg, a small historic town just over the Cascade Range right in the central heart of  Washington, to raise delicious, flavorful tomatoes and then drive them 2 plus hours west to my neighborhood Sunday farmers market. The end of July was a watershed moment […]

spring chives

Spring salad days…not yet!

I won’t kid you – I’m cranky.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, just about everyone’s getting a little ornery.  Record cold and constant wet will do that to even the kindest folk.  Northwesties are typically a positive sort, not generally given to constantly complaining about the weather.  After all, this is the land of “sun […]


Tiny, tender, tangy…

…Microgreens It’s mid-winter and I’m starting to get a little desperate to harvest something fresh from the garden.  Plastic boxes of washed greens are convenient but a sorry second to truly fresh salads.  Here’s a way to put all those plastic containers to good use and yield a fresh crop of tiny, tender, tangy microgreens. […]

Kale salad

Powerfully comforting

Comfort. Food. Two very powerful words.  Put them together, add a roaring fire and good friends around the table and who cares if the rain won’t stop, the taxes need organizing, and I still have several thousand photos to purge, sort, and tag. I love words.  Is there anything more powerful than “I’m sorry” or […]