a new LEAF!

Here’s something you need to know about.

The garden publishing market is crowded – you might even say it’s OVERPLANTED.  Just how many ways can one be told to plant-this-not-that, or be banged over the head with seasonal do-this-now lists that always leave me exhausted before I even get started?!!?

Leaf magazine is different.

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It’s smart, beautiful, inspirational and FREE.  This is a look at every aspect where the garden intersects with real life.  OK – so maybe the pictorial mash-up of glorious landscapes paired with couture frocks is a little over the top – but hey, a gal can dream! After all, much of gardenmaking is the constant exercise of our imagination.

The spring issue-  just published on laptops, iPads, and all manners of browsers – delivers with articles on world flower markets, vintage seed catalogs, and beautiful gardens at home and abroad. Full disclosure: one garden is VERY close to home; in fact it’s my own backyard!  Check out Susan Cohan’s interview with me about my approach to outdoor space in “Handmade Garden Projects.”

Food and cocktails; stargazing and outdoor overnights – there’s so much to enrich these early, rainy, chill days of spring.  It’s a brave new publishing world bringing beauty, inspiration, and thoughtful writing right to your inbox.  Best of all? you can order an old school print version as well.  Perfect for a tactile, intimate browse in the shade of a tree, dreaming about your next garden project once the skies clear.


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