Help us put the Garden in the PlayGarden!

The Seattle Children’s PlayGarden is a huge breath of fresh air packed into a city park of just average size.  And the good folks behind its creation are working hard to ensure that the entire wide, wonderful, always-changing, muddy, splashy, tasty, green and sometimes-wriggly outdoors fits within its boundaries.

Here is a place in the heart of our city for kids of all abilities together with their families and friends to interact with nature, learn, explore, and develop a sense of wonder and independence.  The PlayGarden’s unique environment has been designed to enhance the cognitive, motor and social skills of children with special needs and physical limitations while keeping these sometimes fragile kids safe and supported.

This ambitious undertaking is the product of a creative and collaborative effort by a team of hardworking volunteers and dedicated professionals. From the City of Seattle Parks & Recreation department to visionary landscape architects committed to the power and balm of gardens.

Save the Date

I hope you’ll plan to join me at the PlayGarden Auction presented by the Northwest Horticultural Society on Saturday, May 22nd at the Center for Urban Horticulture.  Tickets are $65 a person, go here to register for an evening of horticultural high-jinks and good old fashioned fun, although I can’t promise they’ll let us play in the mud.

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