This is NOT your parent’s Flower Show

Northwest Flower & Garden ShowAs a member of the media I got a sneak preview of this year’s 23 display gardens at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show which opens this morning at 9am.  Having created display gardens for this show in the past, my hat is off to the creative vision, gumption and strong backs of the garden creators.  Building gen-U-ine gardens in four days…starting from a cement floor…INDOORS… it not a task for the meek.

Here’s a verbal glimpse of some of this year’s highlights – by my (loose) count:

  • solar panel “awnings” provide shade as they power the home
  • cisterns and bladders for harvesting the rain  (I really, really, really want a bladder!)
  • 5-6 green walls
  • 2 wood-burning outdoor pizza ovens
  • 1 “natural” swimming pool (did I mention the courage of display garden builders?  Creating a large body of water, takes extra chutzpah!
  • 8-10 “gabion” walls (Tres cool! Sustainable!  VERY doable!)
  • about 15 chickens
  • 1 pickup truck with a crop of kale and corn in its bed
  • a 600 year-old mountain hemlock
  • lots of living roofs
  • 1 parking meter
  • and 2 darling goats

I think I mentioned…this is NOT your parent’s flower show.  And I haven’t even gotten to the 300 live butterflies!!!  Be THERE.  The show runs today through Sunday, February 3-7th at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.  Show hours are 9am – 8pm Wed-Saturday; Sunday 9am-6pm.  Ticket prices at the door are:  $20, adults, $5 youth (12-17); kids under 12 get in free.  2 day passes are $29; half day tickets are just $10.

Here’s hoping those darling goats don’t escape their enclosure.  It’s a garden-eating goat paradise if they do!!!

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2 Responses to “This is NOT your parent’s Flower Show”

  1. Riz ReyeS February 3, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    OMG, those goats were loud! I’m reviewing some of the video I took and Marty trying to talk with them in the background! HAHAHAH.

  2. lorene February 4, 2010 at 1:10 am #

    Weren’t they a riot!!! I heard one of the goats got out and ran wild around the display gardens…during judging!