vintage trailer garden folly~

Can this lil trailer be saved?

This year my garden efforts are focused (finally!) on the renovation of our vintage travel trailer garden folly.  We’ve had our ‘Lil Loafer for 5 years now.  The plantings around it – my Aluminum Garden – have matured nicely.  The silver, white and green palette composed of Astelia,  ‘Ivory Prince’ Hellebore and Pittosporum tenufoilum ‘Variegatum’ and other favorites gleam in the partial shade.  I just never quite get around to finishing the inside.

The container pond fashioned from industrial scrap has seen it’s last mosquito bloom and I’m putting in a gen-U-ine tire planter for raising tomatoes.  Oh so apropos outside the trailer don’t you think?!?  True Urban Hillbilly Chic.  I’ll probably re-do the itty-bitty mosaic landing stoop as well.  It’s really nothing more than a seedling bed for grasses and weeds anyway.

So many projects, so many plans.  Like a kid playing house or building a fort, this year I’m putting play back into the backyard.  You’re invited to follow my adventures as I embark on my 4th book.  Due to Timber Press by October 1st, it’s all about “simple projects and sustainable practices for crafting a personal landscape”.  Kinda like operating instructions for DIY gardeners.  Come on out and play!

NOTE TO SELF:  if you really want to hold yourself to your resolutions publish them in the newspaper.  Thank you to Valerie Easton of the Seattle Times for her part in keeping me honest this year.  Read her column in today’s Pacific NW Magazine “New Year’s resolutions for the garden are worth keeping” to read other horticultural resolves for 2010.

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