Welcome Spring

Life€™s a garden party

a message on my front walk

OK€¦this is me Planted at Home.  


What does that mean? 

It means being present to my household, family and friends, present to my garden; available to attend, free to explore, produce, create (& nap), awakened to the unfettered rhythms of the day, aware of my many blessings.


It means quiet and solitude, it also means a bit of shifting-in-my-seat awkwardness, a vanishing comfort zone, facing my future, calling editors, pitching stories, writing with discipline, drumming up design work, and  making my way in this new normal – did I mention that I’m not comfortable with the telephone?!? 


It means making new friends – yeah MA!, meeting new people – “Howdy David”, and strengthening ties with long standing friends and customers.  It means travel, new ideas, airport lines and delays, new perspectives, adventure, traffic jams, and more shifting-in-my-seat awkwardness. 


For so long I was a shy girl with a retail counter, a wonderful pulpit from which to pontificate about the glories of plants, the miracle of organic gardens, the vagaries of garden pests and the tedium of weeds.  Loyal customers became friends and family; I’ve been witness to deaths, births, unions and heartbreak – and that’s just in the garden! I was fortunate to be invited into people’s lives as well.  Do I miss my customers? Absolutely, without a doubt!


Do I miss the comfort and predictability of a facing another spring in a small specialty nursery?  Well – it’s complicated.  Who doesn’t love reveling in plants, dishing with fellow gardeners, and lamenting the weather be it rain, snow, sun, heat or€¦  Taxes, payroll, cash flow, and pest control (and not the relatively minor garden pests€¦the disgusting, voracious, nursery pests with long skinny tails and an appetite for fresh flowers!)?  Eh, not so much! 


There is a tremendous comfort in knowing that I am where I should be and shifting-in-my-seat awkwardness aside, I have placed myself firmly into this new life; it is my choice and I embrace it.  My world is expanding and getting  more focused at the same time.   Everyone is invited to share my journey.  Keep in touch, we’ll share our garden fits and fantasies and make a new path.


spring choresIt’s beautiful in Seattle this day before the first day of Spring and it is time to go outside and spread the compost on a rapidly burgeoning garden but I’ll leave you with this:

“Just as the turning earth brings us the dawn and lunar cycles fix our month, the constant orbit of our planet brings the promise of another gardening season.  Nature, for all that she endures and evolves over eons, counts off time in more incremental measures.  Each day slowly lengthens and buds begin to swell along bare branches.  Incipient perennials push their crowns through autumns’ mulch of leaves while bulbs break dormancy heralding another spring.  Arbitrary cycles of years, devised by humans to mark time and divide history, serve their purpose and surely occasion a good party – but the garden celebrates each new year with equal vitality and unceasing optimism.”


I wrote this in early spring of 2000 and it is just as true today.  Happy Spring!



3 Responses to “Welcome Spring”

  1. debra March 21, 2008 at 1:06 am #

    YEAH!!! Lorene, it’s so great to read your first blog entry….now I want MORE and I can’t wait to see where this leads you!
    I’m glad that shy girl came out from behind the counter and is growing dearer to me as a friend than ever before. xoxo Debra

  2. David March 21, 2008 at 2:00 am #

    Well hot diggety, Lorene. This is a pure treat.
    Excited for the chance to follow along.
    Blessings on your efforts.

  3. RGT March 21, 2008 at 10:59 am #

    Congratulations, Lorene! Bob has created another appealing website, and you’ve begun filling it with enticing words and images. What a treat for the rest of us. We’ll be chatting, though perhaps not by phone. Happy Spring!