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  • Handmade Garden Projects by Lorene Edwards Forkner


    Handmade Garden Projects
    My book, Handmade Garden Projects (Timber Press, 2011), is filled with ideas for garden features, containers, lighting and more, all crafted with flair and inventive, made-from-scratch ingenuity. Crafting a handmade garden is one part inspiration and one part getting outside and working your DIY chops to create a landscape that fits your life like a well […]
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  • Hortus Miscellaneous, by Lorene Edwards Forkner


    Hortus Miscellaneous
    Hortus Miscellaneous: A Gardener’s Hodgepodge of Information and Instruction Lorene Edwards Forkner and Linda Plato, Sasquatch Books, 2007 Throughout history gardeners have recorded their discoveries, their tips, their successes, and their disappointments. This most ancient craft began as a physical necessity for survival, evolved to address domestic decor, and some would say has even been elevated […]
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  • Books

    My other 2 books
    In these two books, with information culled from and expanding on sections in the famed Encyclopedia of Country Living, co-author Lorene Edwards Forkner offers a handy guide to new and experienced gardeners looking to become more self-reliant, a discussion of our changing motivation as food consumers, and detailed explanations of the processes behind canning and preserving, […]
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  • canning & preserving your own harvest


    Canning and Preserving Your Own Harvest
    Canning and Preserving Your Own Harvest: An Encyclopedia of Country Living Guide Carla Emery and Lorene Edwards Forkner, Sasquatch Books, 2009 Equipped with the knowledge of when to harvest, how to harvest, and what supplies are needed to preserve your harvest, anyone can learn what it takes to create authentic, old-fashioned recipes in this age of […]
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About Lorene

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Lorene and I’m Planted at home – literally! Whether I’m digging a hole for my latest garden addition, reveling in the changing light of the season, or enjoying exquisite flavors of the harvest, I never tire of exploring details of the natural world. Oh, and I love to tell stories. I am always planting, mixing things up in the kitchen, experimenting and going on about home, garden, work and play.

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